Joe Webb Has Been Working Out With Brett Favre


Brett Favre famously said he wouldn’t play mentor to Aaron Rodgers, the man drafted to replace him in Green Bay. This led to many hard feelings between Favre and Rodgers, hard feelings that I don’t think have softened to this day.

Happily, no such acrimony exists between Favre and Joe Webb, the man who ended up replacing him in Minnesota. Webb and Favre are so chummy, in fact, that Old #4 has even been helping Webb work on his throwing this off-season.

For the past couple weeks, Webb has been in Hattiesburg, Mississippi soaking up as much wisdom as he can from his former teammate. “It’s great to have a person like that as my contact,” Webb said. “He can still sling it.”

Obviously Favre has changed his tune when it comes to mentoring young quarterbacks. With Rodgers it was no dice. But with Cam Newton, who Favre talked about maybe working with, and now Webb, Favre is only-too-happy to put on his Yoda cap.

Of course Favre had a good reason to give Rodgers the cold shoulder in Green Bay: Favre was the legend and Rodgers was the new kid on the block, and at that time Favre still wanted to be the starter. He felt threatened by Rodgers’ presence, and it turned out he had good reason to feel this way, as the Packers ended up running him out of town in favor of the young guy.

But with Favre now firmly retired – Hear that media? FIRMLY RETIRED! – there’s no reason for him to be anything but gracious when young guys come seeking his counsel. Favre’s work with a guy like Webb will, I’m guessing, lead eventually to a coaching gig for Favre, maybe in college, maybe in the pros.

One way or another, Favre will find himself back in the game. He just can’t stay away.

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