Bernard Berrian Continues To Babble


Bernard Berrian spoke with our favorite beat writer today in Judd Zulgad of The Star Tribune. You can find the article here. It’s Judd’s work and if you ever find us at TVA to be hacks please let us know. We ripped Bernard during last season’s debacle. Maybe that was unfair. Maybe not.

But while we’re at it there were four comments that stood out during this interview that we’re rather bothersome on if this guy has a future with the Vikings.

On getting a playbook: “That’s one of the things I need to get back to. I need to get a copy of that someway, somehow”

TVA’s Take: Really Bernard? Last time we checked you had a golden opportunity to get a copy of the playbook from Christian Ponder. He invited you down to Florida to workout with others and you missed your flight. Did you really not catch you flight or was that just an excuse? Come to think of it, when was the last time you caught something or significance Bernard? If we’re talking TDs (plural) we’d have to back to 2009. How about a TD (singular)? Again, 2009.

On possibly not being back with the Vikings: “Until I hear otherwise, I’m just really ready to get back to work. If we have to cut ties, then we have to cut ties.”

TVA’s Take: Very convincing. Way to talk about your team. Would it kill you to mention a teammate or someone you’ve missed?

On possibly having to restructure his contract: “I’d have to go back and talk to my agent [Drew Rosenhaus] and have all the talks and discussions that we need to go through for that. But whatever happens, it’s going to happen. One way or the other.”

TVA’s Take: Thanks for stating the obvious Bernard. It’s inevitable that something is going to happen. Perhaps you’re resigned to the fact that no other team is going to pay you anything north of $2 million for this season. Plus your agent is going to try to get the maximum dollar possible on Sidney Rice’s contract as he did for you.

On whether Ponder or a veteran QB should start the season at QB: “I think with the timeframe it would probably be good to get a veteran [quarterback] just because it’s so hard. It’s already hard enough with a full offseason being a rookie quarterback and the way things have been condensed down now he’s four weeks from [being] thrown in the fire, if he’s supposedly supposed to be the starter. A lot of careers go down the drain at quarterback starting out that fast. He’s a pretty headstrong and pretty head smart guy so I think he’d be able to accept the challenge and run with it.”

TVA’s Take: Thanks for elaborating on this one Bernard. You actually made a good point on how many rookie QBs flame out and complimented Ponder on being a smart guy. But the fact is that Ponder was drafted 12th overall to be the signal caller of the future and it’s not your choice as to when that future begins week one or in 2012.

* * * * *

In conclusion if we could leave the Vikings with a to-do list once the lockout ends it would read as follows. Objective #1 should be cutting Bernard Berrian. Objective #2 should be making Sidney one of the ten highest paid receivers in all of football. If Drew Rosenhaus is in Sidney’s ear for cutting a mutual client in Berrian, than so be it. There are plenty of other WRs looking for work and even if Sidney leaves we still have Adrian Peterson, Toby Gerhart, Percy Harvin, Visanthe Shiancoe and Kyle Rudolph on offense eager to make plays. Rosenhaus made his cut off of Berrian’s signing bonus and should hold no grudges towards the Vikings if we shell out as much money for Sidney as the next team. A 6-10 team needs to clean house, the bad apples should be the first ones to go and it starts by showing Bernard Berrian the door. At least we won’t have to worry about a Vikings playbook working its way into another locker room.

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