Report: Vikings Talking Donovan McNabb Trade With Redskins


Everyone agrees this makes no sense. Zero. Zippo. Zilch. Nada. Other words in other languages that mean “zero.”

According to an ESPN report given by Adam Schefter on NFL Live and now delivered in handy online form for those who can’t stand watching Schefter’s lips while he talks, the Vikings are among several teams who have called the Washington Redskins about trading for Donovan McNabb.

There’s no shock frankly that the Vikings would be interested in McNabb, given their need for a veteran QB and McNabb’s need to get the heck out of Washington. What is shocking is that Minnesota or any other team would offer anything to the Redskins in a trade when the Skins will surely cut McNabb before having to pay him any of his $12 million contract for 2011, making it possible for the team that wants him to then sign him without giving up a draft pick.

Pretty much everyone commenting on Twitter, from the beat writers down the lowliest football fan goof, is scratching their heads over this one. Some speculation holds that there isn’t actually any interest from the Vikings and this talk about them and “several teams” calling Washington is some trick to drum up a market that doesn’t otherwise exist.

If indeed Mike Shanahan is trying some shenanigans to trick the Vikings or anyone else into dealing for McNabb…well, I just hope Rick Spielman is smart enough to call Shanny on his bluff. Personally, I don’t think there’s a lick of truth to this story but we’ll wait and see. Maybe the Vikings really are that desperate to get a veteran, and maybe McNabb is their guy and they’re worried someone else will make a play for him.

I wouldn’t mind having McNabb, but I don’t want to see the team get fleeced in the process of acquiring him.

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