Seahawks & Vikings Deep In Talks With Sidney Rice


News just came about from ESPN’s Adam Schefter that the Vikings are in a deep bidding war for wide receiver Sidney Rice. There are reasons as to why Sidney would end up in Seattle.

The Seahawks do have cap room and an owner with deep pockets. He’d also undoubtably be their #1 WR. Most of all, Sidney would consider going to the Seahawks. They currently have former Vikings offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell & Tarvaris Jackson possibly starting at QB. But here is why Sidney should not consider going to the Seahawks… THEY HAVE DARRELL BEVELL & TARVARIS JACKSON.

If conservative, predictable and dull play calling is Sidney’s thing; then he should go to Seattle. If playing with a QB who cannot read a defense, overthrows receivers on jump passes and has the “deer in the headlights” look whenever there’s any amount of pressure then go to Seattle. Remember the last time the Vikings got into a bidding war with Seattle for a WR it was over TJ Houshmandzadeh. The Vikings ended up losing out because of QB uncertainty. Soon thereafter Brett Favre came along, Sidney Rice had a breakout season and Houshmandzadeh later said he publicly regretted his decision. Hopefully this is taken into account.

The other factor too is what other teams are interested in Rice? While news is fluid and a lot can happen his most likely suitors had rumblings of Bears were interested in Braylon Edwards, the Rams were interested in Plaxico Burress, the Redskins retained Santana Moss and Santonio Holmes is still available for signing.

Ooopp… Something big just happened. The Vikings got Donovan McNabb. That has to help his cause for staying in Minnesota, right? Onto another post.

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