Tarvaris Jackson Headed to Seattle; Sidney Rice Could Follow


The Matt Hasselbeck era is over in Seattle, leaving the Seahawks in need of a new quarterback. Earlier today there were reports that Kevin Kolb could be headed to the Pacific Northwest but now it appears that was incorrect. Instead of Kolb, the Seahawks are targeting a different QB who actually has more experience as a starter in the WCO, a quarterback Viking fans are very familiar with.

No not Brett Favre. How about Tarvaris Jackson?

This is actually not a shock. We had heard for months that new Seattle OC Darrel Bevell still liked T-Jack from their days together under Brad Childress and wanted to bring him aboard. Now it’s happened, according to Seattle radio. By the way Dave Mahler it’s “Tarvaris” not “Tarvares.” You can tell they’re really familiar with T-Jack up there in Nirvana-land.

From a Vikings perspective the Seattle T-Jack signing means little, since he wasn’t coming back here anyway. But there’s another name the Seahawks reportedly have on their radar screens that is of primary concern to Purple Nation. Not to alarm you, but there are indications that the Seahawks will next snatch up T-Jack’s old teammate Sidney Rice.

Per NFL Network’s Jason LaCanfora, the Seahawks are currently “making a play” for Rice, an unrestricted free agent thanks to the new CBA. There are some who believe Rice could command top 10 receiver money, but others contend it makes more sense to sign Rice to an incentive-laden contract that gives his new team the ability to dump him after the first year if he once again has physical problems.

Even if Rice is fine physically, there’s some question whether he can be a #1 receiver without Brett Favre throwing him the ball. He certainly wasn’t a #1 with T-Jack throwing him the ball. But Darrell Bevell may believe both players have potential that remained untapped in Minnesota, and he may have sold Pete Carroll on this idea.

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