Sources: Frazier Didn’t Want To Wait On Veteran QB


One of the main criticisms of the trade for Donovan McNabb last night was the fact he was due a roster bonus in early September if he was still on the Redskins, a cut was inevitable and there would at most be a couple of teams interested in the veteran QB when he hit free agency.

Sources have confirmed to TVA the main reason for executing the trade last night was to get a veteran QB on the roster as quickly as possible with camp beginning Friday. After Tyler Thigpen decided to join the Buffalo Bills, the Vikings traded for McNabb. The vibe within the Vikings front office was that two 6th round picks are easy to part with. Now McNabb still needs to restructure his contract, but that is all but certain to be completed today and the trade wouldn’t have been made if it weren’t a high probability. Vikings head coach Leslie Frazier wasn’t the biggest fan of how former coach Brad Childress allowed Brett Favre to join onto the team on his own terms, immediately pass Tarvaris Jackson on the depth chart and Frazier was unwilling to see the same thing happen to rookie Christian Ponder with preseason in full swing.

Under the new CBA McNabb may not be able to practice until next Thursday with the Vikings, but getting him onto the roster now assures him a playbook and removes doubts as to who is starting week one versus the San Diego Chargers.

Beyond McNabb, the next couple of days are certain to filled with activity for the Vikings and other NFL teams. Keep checking in with TVA for constant updates.

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