Cardinals, Vikings Are Front-Runners For Malcom Floyd


The Vikings‘ pursuit of a wide receiver to replace the departed Sidney Rice has led them to the doorstep of Malcom Floyd, a 6-5 deep threat who in 11 games last year with the Chargers caught 37 balls for 717 yards – a sizzling 19.4 average – and six TDs. Unfortunately the Arizona Cardinals, who just picked up Kevin Kolb for an absurd amount of money and are now trying to find some more weapons for him, are also in on Floyd.

Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune says other teams are interested in Floyd, but the Vikings and Cardinals are “the hot ones.” Yesterday there was talk Floyd could be on the Bears’ radar screen as well but since then Chicago has signed Roy Williams and are probably now out of contention for Floyd’s services.

Among the remaining candidates to replace Sidney Rice, Floyd would seem the most promising. He is big and fast and has great hands, and is a legit deep receiver as his yards-per-catch average would attest. I seldom go all-out endorsing a potential signing but in this case I will make an exception. I whole-heartedly and with my entire soul approve of the Vikings pursuing Floyd and I hope they land him. Team him with Percy Harvin, Bernard Berrian (a perfectly acceptable #3 receiver especially if you negotiate his contract down) and our tight ends and backs – and of course Donovan McNabb – and I think you’ll have the makings of a legit offense.

I’m less enthusiastic about the other options on the board. Braylon Edwards has too many red flags for me and James Jones drops too many balls. If you’re looking for someone who closely matches what you had with Rice, Floyd seems the best candidate. Make this happen Rick Spielman.

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