10 Greatest Vikings Randy Moss Memories


On second thought, maybe I’ll do a Randy Moss tribute anyway (even though I think he’ll be unretired inside of two months). I’m so caught up in Moss nostalgia that I can’t help myself. Here’s a sampling of great Moss moments from his time with the Vikings, complete with video accompaniment where available.

10. Randy Catches Brett Favre’s 500th Career Touchdown

The guy who back in 1998 put five hundred dollars on Randy Moss one day catching Brett Favre’s 500th touchdown is currently enjoying his new Maui beach house.

9. Randy Squirts the Referee With a Water Bottle

Is this really a great memory? Probably not. It happened in a losing playoff game and ultimately this kind of behavior is what did Moss in with the Vikings. Still, squirting a ref with a water bottle? Hilarious. (Can’t find either video of this or an image. Internet fail.)

8. Randy Torches the Cowboys, Part 2

Randy liked messing up the Cowboys on Thanksgiving. In 2000 he torched Dallas for 7 catches, 144 yards and 2 TDs. And that was the lesser of his two Turkey Day Dallas whuppings.

7. Randy Debuts the Randy Fro

I think it shocked a lot of white people to find out Randy had that much hair. I’ll never forget the first time he whipped out the fro on gameday. It was one of those “remember where you were” moments like when JFK was shot. The world was never the same after.

6. Randy Invents a New Catchphrase: “Straight Cash Homey”

This speaks for itself. In 100 years wise-asses will still be using this phrase. Like Yogi Berra’s “It ain’t over till it’s over,” it will never die.

5. Randy’s Insane Lateral to Moe Williams

Imagine if Randy and Moe hadn’t pulled this play off. Moss would’ve gotten destroyed. But he pulled it off and it’s a legendary play. It’s the second-greatest lateral in Vikings’ history after Joe Senser’s toss to Ted Brown to set up the Hail Mary in 1980.

4. Randy Torches the Cowboys, Part 1

Randy’s rookie season, his first prime time game against the hated Dallas Cowboys. He only had three catches…for 163 yards and 3 TDs, one coming on a flea-flicker. The Cowboys could’ve drafted him but passed on him because of his personal issues. Good move.

3. Randy Blasts Brad Childress After Patriots Loss

Randy did many great things as a Viking but it’s possible Viking fans love him more for getting Brad Childress fired than for any acrobatic catch he made or dazzling display of speed he pulled off. The press conference after the Pats’ game was one of the single most bizarre Vikings moments ever, and classic Randy.

2. Randy Moons Packer Fans

I personally couldn’t think of a more appropriate way to celebrate scoring two touchdowns in a playoff win over the Packers. Joe Buck disagrees.

1. Randy Lights Up the Packers, Becomes a Legend

It is a day that will live in Viking lore forever. October 5, 1998. The Vikings, on their way to a 15-1 season and a spot in the NFC Title Game, go into Lambeau Field and beat the hated Packers. Sensational rookie Randy Moss catches 5 passes for 190 yards and 2 TDs. The game that put Moss on the map.

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