Bernard Berrian Felt “Frozen-Out” By Brett Favre


Bernard Berrian is back in the fold for the Vikings, having worked out a re-structured contract that will make him a free agent at the end of the season. A lot of fans aren’t very happy about the fact that Berrian is still around, but the fact is, the Vikings weren’t going to find anyone better without shelling out a ton more money than their cap situation allowed. So we’re stuck with him.

Fans of course have good reason not to be overly thrilled about Berrian’s continued presence on the roster. Fact is, he has stunk for the past two years despite making #1 receiver money. Lots of explanations have been floated for why Berrian’s performance tailed off after the Vikings acquired Brett Favre. Some think he couldn’t handle Favre’s velocity. Others think he was bothered by the way the team rolled out the red carpet for Favre. Some posit that with Sidney Rice and Percy Harvin emerging he just got lost in the shuffle. Berrian himself has his own feelings about this, feelings he conveyed to Paul Allen this morning on KFAN. Here’s video of that exchange:

It’s hard to say what Berrian really means, reluctant as he is to elaborate, and given the fact that Paul Allen refuses to shut the hell up and let Berrian talk. But what I’m getting from Bernard is that he thinks Sidney and Percy sort of became Brett’s guys and he wasn’t Brett’s guy so he didn’t get the ball. The great thing about it is, now Brett’s gone and Bernard has a chance to put his money where his mouth is. If he goes out and has a nice statistical season with Donovan McNabb throwing to him, then maybe there was something to what he said about Favre. If he stinks again? We’ll know it’s him and not his quarterback.

That’s the great thing about sports. Talk is fine but you have to do it on the field. It’s put up or shut up time for B_Twice.

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