Free Agency Grades: Minnesota Vikings


Let’s briefly go through the moves made by the Vikings so far during the free agency/trade period and assign grades based on our immediate impressions of said moves…

Devin Aromashodu: C

Hard to give anything but a middling score to this move made early in the free agency period. They’re taking a flyer on Aromashodu, a player who has shown promise but basically got dumped by the Bears. If you can’t stick as a receiver on the Bears, a team not known historically for being loaded at that position…

Michael Jenkins: C+

What would’ve been an A at receiver? Malcom Floyd? Jenkins is a “makes sense in the offense” guy who could put up decent stats but certainly won’t be any kind of legitimate replacement for Sidney Rice.

Scott Kooistra: C-

Offensive line depth. May not even make the team.

Charlie Johnson: B+

The Vikings knew as early as last week that they might have to cut Bryant McKinnie, hence their pursuit of Jermon Bushrod, a pursuit that ultimately proved fruitless. Plan B was Charlie Johnson, who is looked upon as an okay lineman who benefited from playing with Peyton “Quick Release” Manning and probably should be at guard instead of tackle. Perhaps the most telling thing about Johnson? He played on a Super Bowl contending team for years, starting most of the time, and a couple of his new Viking teammates had no idea who he was. The definition of nondescript. However, the move gets a B+ because it allowed the Vikings to cut McKinnie.

Remi Ayodele: B

Another middle-of-the-road guy the Vikings got for cheap to fill a hole vacated by a departing starter. Like Fred Evans and Jimmy Kennedy before him, Ayodele will not fill Pat Williams’ shoes, nor do the Vikings expect him to. The Vikes will be thrilled if they get even decent production from Ayodele, a guy who is mostly in there to occupy blockers and let other guys work.

Donovan McNabb: B+

This seems like a low grade from me considering the fact that I spent the better part of two years lobbying to get this guy. Okay I admit, my enthusiasm has waned a tad. The appeal of McNabb was that you were putting him on a team with Sidney Rice, but Sidney Rice is gone. Now we have to wonder if McNabb will have the weapons to go to work with. And the offensive line is even more in flux with McKinnie gone. And McNabb has a limited amount of time to learn the offense. Worried.

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