The Viking Age Seeks A New Lead Editor


I’ve had a fun five years running The Viking Age, building it up from its infancy back in the early days of the Chilly regime and watching it flourish through the wackiness of 2009 and 2010, but now the time has come for me to step aside as captain of this particular ship (sorry, couldn’t help myself) and for someone new to take over. No I’m not leaving entirely, I’m just moving into a new role on the site, that of senior blogger in charge of general sarcasm and ceaseless Brad Childress ripping. I really should probably get over Childress now, shouldn’t I? Something for me to work on.

As a result of my (purely voluntary) demotion, the lead editor position will now be put up for grabs. Here’s what would be required of you should you choose to take on this task:

  • A minimum of 30 posts per month.
  • Completing the occasional mandatory assignment given to you by the Fansided NFL Director.
  • Running a Twitter for the site and also a Facebook (you would take over the Twitter I’ve already built up to over 800 followers).
  • Putting together and running a full stable of writers, which as of now would include me (I’m easy to order around) and the world-famous Jon Merkle.

And now I will briefly outline the reasons any up-and-coming Vikings blogger should relish this opportunity:

  • You will be joining an established network of fantastic sports blogs run by a dizzying array of great people who will almost never call you bad names.
  • You will be read by thousands of people. Last month alone TVA nearly topped the 60,000 unique visitor mark. And the right person could easily push that much higher. The site is linked by Google News and so if you do things right, the traffic will always be there.
  • You will be paid money under Fansided’s highly competitive revenue sharing deal. Money is good, no?
  • You will get terrific opportunities. For instance, I was invited this weekend to attend Vikings training camp as a credentialed member of the press. Circumstances prevented me from taking this invitation, but had I been able to go, I would’ve gotten to put my little press pass around my neck like all the beat writers and watch practice and even vie for interviews with players. The Vikings PR people have been very generous in reaching out to blogs like this one and offering us such chances. More chances like this will surely come along in the future. This alone should be reason enough for you to want this job, if you’re a blogger with any desire to move up in the world.
  • Other opportunities will come your way through your relationship with Fansided. For example, last year we were all lucky enough to have our work featured on’s Blog Blitz. In the past we’ve had affiliations with and as well. That’s new eyeballs on your words, homey. And that’s what every blogger wants, correct?

So by now you’ve surely decided you really want this job. What do you do now? It’s simple: you just click on this link and fill out the application. Given the amount of work the new editor would be asked to take on, it is recommended that only people with a fair amount of blogging experience apply for this position (and I don’t mean doing the occasional 50 Hottest Cheerleaders piece on Bleacher Report, I mean real blogging of the daily grinding variety). Good luck to all of you, and to whoever gets the job, I hope your first move isn’t to fire me.

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