Ray Edwards Says Last Year’s Vikings “Got Full Of Themselves”


Former Viking Ray Edwards has a simple explanation for why the 2010 edition of the Purple failed to follow up on the success of the 2009 team. It was because of all the big heads.

Ray doesn’t point to anyone in particular in his statements, including himself. He just makes a general observation about what happened to the team’s mind-set coming off their runner-up performance in the NFC.

“I mean, I thought we were going to have the same success,” Ray said when talking about the team’s disappointing 6-10 effort in 2010. “We had everybody back, we didn’t really lose any key guys, so we thought it was going to be the same success but, you know, guys have success and they get full of themselves. So guys didn’t know their role and it was just a landslide from top to bottom.”

I’m thinking Ray is probably spot-on in his assessment of the major factor behind the Vikings’ 2010 collapse. It was swelled heads. Of course it didn’t help that Sidney Rice got hurt, Brett Favre put the offense behind the 8-ball by skipping camp again, the offensive line and secondary totally fell apart and the head coach had to be fired for wanton cluelessness…but yes, I think Ray is more-or-less correct.

And who on that team suffered most from Swelled Head Syndrome? I don’t want to name any names, but there was one guy – I think you know who I mean – who more-or-less became the poster child for everything that was wrong with the Vikings attitude-wise. Okay I’ll say it: I’m talking about Bernard Berrian. And you thought I was gonna say Ray. Nope. Ray was only the second-worst jack-ass on the team last year. Randy Moss doesn’t qualify because he only lasted four games.

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