Packers trash talking begin. Brian Robison Packers trash talking begin. Brian Robison Packers trash talking begin. Brian Robison

Brian Robison: Vikings Will “Kick the Crap” Out of the Packers


Let the 2011 Vikings-Packers trash talking begin.

Brian Robison fired the first volley at Green Bay on behalf of Purple Nation today on KFAN. Robison began by saying he’s “glad” the Packers won the Super Bowl. Needless to say this comment required elaboration. Robison obliged:

"Simply for the fact that I can say after this year we’re gonna kick the crap out of the Super Bowl Champs twice. Hopefully we’ll meet them in the playoffs and kick the crap out of them again."

Robison went on:

"You’ve got Chicago who was in the NFC Championship game. Green Bay who was in the NFC Championship game, you’ve got Detroit that is definitely an up and coming team this year and then you had us at the bottom of the division last year.  Hopefully, I’m thinking we can reverse that whole order. Maybe we’ll finish first and Green Bay will finish last and give them a taste of their own medicine."

Much as I would love to share Mr. Robison’s enthusiasm, I can’t help but remember what happened the last time these two teams met. In case you’ve forgotten (or blocked it out), the Packers destroyed Minnesota 31-3 at the Metrodome in Brad Childress‘ last game as Vikings coach.

That game demonstrated how far the Vikings are behind the Packers in pretty much all facets of the game including talent level. The Vikings would go on to finish 6-10 while the Packers, as we know, soared through the playoffs to a fourth Lombardi trophy.

Since that 31-3 beat down, the Vikings have moved from Brett Favre to Donovan McNabb at quarterback, have turned over a lot of their defense, have lost their #1 receiver and have seen their offensive line go from a question mark to a gigantic question mark. So no, I’m not feeling quite as frisky as Mr. Robison. How about we get a couple wins under our belts before we go trash-talking the champs? Just a suggestion.

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