Tarvaris Jackson Struggles In Seahawks Debut


Let’s not make the mistake of reading too much into Tarvaris Jackson‘s poor showing for two series in the Seahawks‘ first preseason game last night. After all, it was only the first preseason game. Tarvaris was bound to be rusty after a short camp. Plus it was his first time playing with any of those guys. It takes awhile to develop chemistry. T-Jack didn’t even have Sidney Rice out there as a security blanket, cause Rice had to miss the game with a shoulder injury. Plus early on T-Jack lost his left tackle Russell Okung. A lot of things were against T-Jack, so clearly it’s not fair to judge him on the basis of that handful of plays.

It’s not fair to point out that T-Jack missed on his only two deepish passes of the evening, both intended for Zach Miller on free plays after San Diego jumped offsides. It’s not fair to point out that T-Jack got sacked twice, once throwing the ball away and getting called for intentional grounding. It’s not fair to point out that on at least two occasions he left his feet as if meaning to attempt one of his silly jump passes. It’s not fair to point out that one of his three short completions was nearly picked off by a cornerback who noticed him staring down his receiver and jumped the route, arriving a split-second too late. It’s early. All those things are correctable.

If there’s anything we know about T-Jack it’s that he’s a fast learner. He’ll get all those mistakes cleaned up. By the time the season rolls around his throws will be crisp. He’ll have that Seattle offense humming like a finely-tuned engine.

Don’t worry Seattle fans, T-Jack is a keeper. All those years in Minnesota when he looked utterly mediocre and at times downright awful? That was just because Brad Childress had him on too short a leash. Pete Carroll, master motivator, will build up his confidence and make him shine. I see big things in T-Jack’s future. The playoffs for sure, maybe even a run at the MVP. Now that Jackson’s gotten away from Chilly’s influence, his untapped potential will finally be realized. Buckle up Seahawks fans, you’re in for a crazy ride of a year, with T-Jack at the wheel.

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