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Fantasy Football Friday


Welcome to Fantasy Football Friday. I’m dedicating Fridays to America’s favorite pastime in the hobby, part-time job, never

fun, always a headache, second-guessing, hatred that is fantasy friggin’ football.

So you’re in an archaic league that still does snake drafts eh? Sad. Regardless, you are pleased as punch that you have the first pick and Moses (yeah the part the Red Sea Moses) has the second pick.

So the first pick. Nice. Whoyagot?

In three words…

Adrian Flippin Peterson. That’s who ya got.

Every year I go into my $100 bankroll auction style draft and I already have a large chunk of jack set aside for All Day. Inevitably there is one other Purple Homer that has to run up the bid but whatev…All Day is worth it…every purple cent.

Peterson should excel in the Musgrave run heavy offense. Musgrave takes the playbook from Hotlanta and puts into the capable hands of the talent from Winter Park. This offense is the same offense that made Michael Turner a household name. Burner Turner turned out 1600+ in 2008 with 17 trips to the house. Add to this run happy offense the fact that this Vikes’ OLine is much better at run blocking than pass blocking. Put more dynamite on the pile by adding Donovan McNabb. You may remember McNabb’s days in Philly when he loved to chuck the rock to Westbrook. McNabb loves to swing it to the backs. Nothing but more love for our man AD. Here is my last kick in your proverbial soft spot: The Vikes 2011 schedule gives them the 5th easiest against the run. The 2011 schedule has opponents giving up an average of 118.7 ypg!! One last kick in the nuggets…Vikes face the 26th easiest schedule against the pass.

“McNabb drops back throws to Percy for 12. McNabb drops back fires to Jenkins for 10. McNabb barks out the mess, safeties drop back, McNabb takes the snap from Sully, looks to pass…NO! Draw play to AP, cuts once, wiggles, and AD is off to the races and THERE…IS…YOUR…DAGGER!”

First pick in your lame snake draft nets you the best back in the league and Moses is stuck wondering about the OTHER #28 in a holdout, or wondering if Foster can duplicate his phenom season with the Texans.

Pick AD as the first pick and next year switch to an auction style draft…you’ll be happy on both fronts!

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