Chad Greenway extension is slowish


According to this report via Vikings Now the Vikings and Chad Greenway have not been making any progress on a new contract extension.  Greenway is being paid handsomely this year, making $10.1 million due to the franchise tag.  I find it interesting that negotiations are continuing and wonder if there will be a date where they postpone talks.  It seems typical that players are not wanting to talk during the regular season about any extensions, and I wonder if the Greenway camp shares that view.

For his part, Chad Greenway has said he wants to remain a Viking.  Although he has not made the pro-bowl he has been a solid contributor and is really not a replacable player at this point in his career.  The Vikings need to get Greenway locked up as they have little salary cap space left, and are needing to free up room in case of any kind of injuries during the remainder of the pre-season and the regular season.

One would wonder if the Vikings are in negotiations for both Greenway and Peterson at the same time.  Word seems to be that they are trying to lock up Greenway, and then will work to lock in Peterson.  Personally, I would openly cry if we started next year without Peterson, and I don’t believe the Vikings would ever let that happen.  Honestly, the public perception of Adrian should be on the rise too, after seeing Chris Johnson holdout, and hearing his demands to be one of the top paid players in the league, above and beyond a running back.  A co-worker of mine landed Chris Johnson with the 4th overall pick in his draft recently, who would’ve thunk that coming into this season.  However, in his league someone took Arian Foster 1st overall, then Peterson 2nd.  Aaron Rodgers was 3rd, and that allowed him to get Chris Johnson at 4.  But alas, that has nothing to do with anything, just something I found to be interesting.