Monday RE:action


Monday Re:Action will make more sense when the regular season starts because, you know, the games are played on Sunday and thus our Monday Re:Action will discuss the game that was played the previous day.

A few points of Purple Homerism –

–       Hello Berrian, nice to meet you. I have preached it to Vikings fans with a feverish voice! Berrian is worth the risk. The man can flat fly down the numbers and is by far the Purple’s best deep threat. It was a sight for these sore eyes to see 5 hook up with 87. Looking for and need a big year from you BB.

–       A blocked friggin’ field goal? For reals? There were 3 blocked field goals total last season. For the record, one of those belonged to kicker #8 from the Purple. If not for the blocked FG return for a TD, I think even the non-homers would have felt pretty good about the first team Purple.

–       DMcNabb’s pick was flukey. #5 is going to throw more TDs than INTs this season. The good news is, he had all kinds of time to throw that ball and stood in the pocket and tried to fit one in to Kleinsasser. 97 for the Boys threw his meat hooks up with his eyes closed, said a Hail Mary and happened to hit the ball. I have no worries about 5’s decision making.

–       All Day looked really good and that’s good news for the passing game. This squad has all kinds of ways to move the little piggy down the turf.

You may remember that our Pro Bowl CB AWinfield wanted us to wait to judge this team until after the third preseason game. Well, color me Purple. I still think this team is playoff bound!

Which reminds me of a song I used to sing in the 80s. “Playoff bound, loaded up and truckin’. We gonna do what they say can’t be done. We gotta long way to go and a short time to get there. We’re playoff bound, watch ole’ All Day run.”

It was a big hit back in the day.

Enough Homerism for today!


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