Rant & Rave – Hurricane Irene & a balanced Vikings mind


In an effort to balance the minds of our Viking Age Nation minds. Here now is a post that does not mention the Vikings one time. But so as to not totally deprive you of something sports related, ESPN is mentioned once.

Hurricane Irene has been given credit for 26 deaths. You’ll have to excuse me as I rant but most of them were just silly ways to go out.

Some dudes decided it would be awesome to canoe down a flooded street. Another guy thought it would be totally rad to surf in Irene’s waves. I mean really? Others were outside and tragically were caught up in floodwaters. But in the words of our friends over at ESPN, “C’mon Man!” It’s a hurricane. It was a massive hurricane. It was all the east coast news outlets could talk about for a week. People were warned and warned again, and for good measure warned again. What the devil were you doing outside? For the love of Pete why did you think going for a jog in a hurricane would be a good idea?

One 68-year-old fella decided he wanted to wind surf in Irene. Now I’m just frustrated. At 68 years of age you don’t have any friends that call you off of the wind surfing in a Hurricane idea?

“Harold? It’s Arnie. Check it out Yo. You know how I like to windsurf right? Yeah well I just gotta hit me up some of this 135 mph wind. It’s gonna be totally rad!”

Another poor guy was killed when a tree fell on his tent. I’ll wait here until you figure this out for yourself…(cue Jeopardy music)…

A tree fell on your FRIGGIN’ TENT!!! Why were you tenting in a Category 3 Hurricane!!!

A dude was killed when a tree fell on him…sad so far…oh but wait…the tree fell on him and killed him as he was cutting down another tree!!

Yard work couldn’t wait until, I dunno, after the Hurricane passed over? Or maybe it was a buzzkill Honey Do List.

“George!! You get out there right now and chainsaw that downed tree!”

“But Honey, it’s a Category Friggin’ 3 Hurricane outside!”

“GET OUT THERE NOW! Then could you load the dishwasher when your done cutting down the tree in 135 mph winds and rain coming down so hard you can’t see the tree you’re cutting down! Thanks you’re a peach.”

Now we can go back to talking Vikings and believe me there will be plenty to Rant & Rave about this season but we had to pause and acknowledge natural selection.

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