How do you like the Vikings Offense now?


So…because I’m a Purple Homer; I went back and watched some of the Cowboys game…again.

As I was watching said game a little ditty popped into my head and it goes a little something like this here:

“How do you like me now? Now that I’m on my way. You might think I’m crazy for saying the Vikings offense has multiple ways to move the football and will make the playoffs. Livin’ on your computer screen…how do you like me now?”

Sure, it’s a little wordy but it was really popular back in the day. I digress.

Preseason Week 3 is known in the bidness as the dress rehearsal. Well if that was the dress rehearsal bring on the show!

A word to the Purple Homers. We need not berate our hating brethren. We need to show them love. Soon and very soon they will see what we see and love will fill their hearts.

I mentioned in an earlier post that All Day looked good in the dress rehearsal. I would like to amend my previous statement Viking Age Nation. Peterson looked like a beast! Now, those that do not have a heart filled with love for the Purple want to hate on the OLine. Why I ask thee? In the dress rehearsal they looked like a more than serviceable group. The big Purple Oompas upfront don’t need to be Pro Bowlers because our man 28 can get his almost at will. But with that said, the line looked like a NFL line in the Cowboy game.

The Purple Oompa Loompas even gave McNabb time to throw. Even on the McNabb pick he had all kinds of time and Donald Trump sized pocket to throw from.

Even Purple fans of the non-homer variety must admit that a run game like the one we possess will open up all kinds of ways to move the Roger Goodell signed piggie down the pasture. Harvin is mentioned among the best slot guys in the league. You know how I feel about Berrian and I think Jenkins could be a sweet redzone threat. Plus you got Shank Redemption and RUDY! RUDY! creating some silly mismatches.

Will it be sexy? Maybe not, but #7 and Eighty Fo’ from 1999 aren’t around anymore. The 2011 version are not going for 34.8 points per. But the 2011 Purples will move the ball, control the clock, and score and they will be watchable to boot.

Purple Nation, now is not the time for hate. No I say! It is time for love. How do we like you now Purple O? We are encouraged! We see shades of purple streaks running in, around, and through opposing defenses. Oh yes. We do.

Purple D? Eh..Er…Um…now is not the time for hate I say…

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