2011 NFL Predictions


Okay! Alright. Quiet down right this minute! If I have to come over there! I’ll turn this car around right now. I hear you begging, indeed pleading for the staff of TVA to look into their crystal balls and predict what will happen in the League this year so you all can make some jack off our picks. Well, on this the Eve of the Packers first loss of the 2011 season…we grant you said money makers and here you be…

Dan Zinski’s picks:

AFC North: Pittsburgh

AFC South: Indianapolis

AFC East: New York Jets

AFC West: San Diego

NFC North: Green Bay

NFC South: Atlanta

NFC East: Philadelphia

NFC West: St. Louis

NFL MVP: Philip Rivers

SUPER BOWL Matchup: New York Jets vs. Philadelphia

2011 World Champs: New York Jets

Biggest Surprise of the Year: The Cleveland Browns make the playoffs as a wild card. You heard it here first!

Jonathon Merckel’s picks:

AFCN: Steelers

AFCW: Chargers

AFCS: Texans

AFCE: Pats

NFCN: Packers

NFCW: Cards

NFCS: Falcons

NFCE: Cowboys

MVP: Philip Rivers

SB Predict: Pats over Packers

Surprises: Matthew Stafford becomes top 5 QB, Eagles miss playoffs,

Peyton Manning never plays again & announces retirement during season

Tom Simanovich’s picks:

AFC North:     Baltimore Ravens (Fun fact, my bench QB is Joe Flacco…on the bench…)

AFC South:     Houston Texans (My starting QB is Matt Schaub…less of a fun fact)

AFC East:       New England Patriots (FU Jets)

AFC West:      Kansas City Chiefs (  < —  should’ve said the Chargers, oh well)

NFC North:     Packers (not happy about this)

NFC South:     Saints

NFC East:       Eagles  (stupid pick)

NFC West:      Cardinals

NFL MVP:      Drew Brees

SUPER BOWL Matchup:      Patriots vs. Saints

2011 World Champs:  New Orleans Saints

Biggest Surprise of the Year:  Aaron Rodgers having MVP type season then gets injured, but Packers still win Division.  However, if he doesn’t get injured, he will be the MVP, I have a weird feeling that he is going to be suffering from a concussion that will keep him out.

Scott Wollan’s picks:

AFC North: Pittsburgh Steelers

AFC South: Indianapolis Colts

AFC East: New York Jets

AFC West: San Diego Chargers

NFC North: Minnesota Vikings

NFC South: Atlanta Falcons

NFC East: Philadelphia Eagles

NFC West: Arizona Cardinals

NFL MVP: Michael Vick

SUPER BOWL Matchup: New England Patriots @ Philadelphia Eagles

2011 World Champs: New England Patriots

Biggest Surprise of the Year: Vikings win division!

Clint Starks’ picks:

AFC North: Steelers

AFC South: Texans

AFC East: Patriots

AFC West: Chargers

NFC North: Vikings

NFC South: Falcons

NFC East: Eagles

NFC West: Cards

NFL MVP: Matty Ice

Super Bowl Matchup: Steelers v. Falcons

2011 World Champs: Falcons

Biggest Surprise: Goodell pulls an NHL move and changes the rules during the season and chages the kickoff rules yet again. Someone is going to get hurt if he doesn’t.

Judson Coleman’s picks:

AFC Div winners: Steelers, Chargers, Texans, Patriots. 
Wild Cards: Ravens, Jets

NFC Div winners: Packers, Eagles, Cardinals, Saints
Wild Cards: Falcons, Cowboys

MVP: Rodgers (puke)
Surprise: The Colts don’t win 8 games, Hasselbeck builds off last seasons playoff performance and makes Kenny Britt a star.

Bowl matchup: Saints, Patriots
Champ: Patriots (thank god I left the northeast)