Bolt Beat, 5 questions. Here is our weekly installmen..."/> Bolt Beat, 5 questions. Here is our weekly installmen..."/> Bolt Beat, 5 questions. Here is our weekly installmen..."/>

Vikings/Chargers: 5 Questions


I asked Ernie Padaon, the editor of Fansided’s Chargers blog, Bolt Beat, 5 questions. Here is our weekly installment of a little ditty we like to call…5 Questions:

1. It seems like everyone is down on Ryan Mathews and huge on Tolbert. Can we expect Tolbert to carry most of the Bolts running game this season?
Ryan Mathews will be the main back for the Bolt offense. He had a down year, but he can hit the home run while Tolbert is more of a grinder and someone that will pound the ball up the middle of the defense. If anything, Tolbert will be the vulture near the goal line and will be used in 3rd down situations until Mathews can learn how to block for his quarterback.

2. Is this Vincent jackson’s last year in San Diego?
I doubt it. I think we can franchise tag him one more time after this season. It is basically a year-by-year approach we are taking with his contract. We want to make sure that he is on good behavior before we commit that type of money to him. He is one of the best and deserves a long-term deal and all the fans hope that it is here in San Diego.

3. It seemed like for the longest time the chargers were known for their defense. Now it seems the hype is about their offense.           How good is the 2011 bolts d? Is it underrated in the media?
There are some good pieces on the defense, but the run defense was sketchy during the preseason and it was sketchy last season against some big play backs. Players like Jamaal Charles, Steven Jackson and Michael Bush rushed the ball down our throats. Can you tell I am excited to face AP?

4. On almost every list Qualcomm stadium ranks dead last. Is there any talk at all of new digs being built?
There have been talks about this for years and years and years. Still waiting and hopefully something happens for the city of San Diego. It looks doubtful at best and Los Angeles is trying to woo our team up that way. If Los Angeles thinks that they will get all the fan base up that way, they must be smoking something!

5. Lemme throw some numbers out. 30 carries. 296 yds 3 TDs. November 4,2007. Tell me how you feel.
Can I mention Antonio Cromartie’s return of 109 1/2 yards? That was one of the most impressive performances I have ever witnessed and I could not believe what was happening. AP is a BEAST and we couldn’t tackle anything that day. Hopefully things are different this meeting.

Bonus: are you ready for the buzz saw that is the Minnesota Vikings?
I am happy that this is the REAL thing now!! Tired of those preseason games and ready to see the REAL action going. We should be good to go! Philip Rivers and the offense will be putting up a ton of points. It will be up to AP and your running offense to keep the ball out of his hands!

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