After the Week 1 Purple domination of the fir..."/>   After the Week 1 Purple domination of the fir..."/>

Vikings Rant: Just Need More Time


Second Verse. Same as the first.

After the Week 1 Purple domination of the first half, followed up by the 3 Mile Island 2nd Half, we said the playoff bound Purple needed to be more consistent and execute.  I also expressed to, you good people, that I was not thrilled about the offensive play-calling. However, good people, you may remember that I said I will give Bill Musgrave some leash because only a fraction of the offense has been installed.

Week 2 came and went and we need to…be more consistent, execute, and give our guy in the booth, Bill Musgrave, some time.

It reminds me of a little ditty that a rock n roll band named NEEDTOBREATHE sang in a love flick not too long ago my friends. It goes a little something like this here:


I promised you the world again

Everything within my hands

All the riches one could dream

They will come from me

I hoped that you could understand

That this is not what I had planned

Please don’t worry now

It will turn around

Cause I need more time

Just a few more months and we’ll be fine

Now, I know you want to jump the Ormen Lange, circa 996 AD, but do not. Be patient. Read the lyrics again good people. All the riches we can dream of will be ours. We just need to be patient. No this is not what we had planned for the first two weeks but it will turn around. Our boys in the H H Humphrey need to make plays when given the opportunity…I’m looking at you Ty Johnson and Antoine Winfield.

No need to jump overboard just yet. Sit down on the deck furniture, keep sippin’ our pina coladas. Are we taking on a little water? Sure but in just a few more months we’ll be fine.

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