Nils says: I don't know about you but I've seen enough Donovan McNabb for one year. That ..."/> Nils says: I don't know about you but I've seen enough Donovan McNabb for one year. That ..."/>

Olof v Nils: Ponder or McNabb


Nils says:

I don’t know about you but I’ve seen enough Donovan McNabb for one year. That guy was washed-up three years ago and now he’s not only washed-up, he’s bloated with noxious gasses and being slowly eaten by seagulls. The only thing left is for someone to come bag McNabb up and drive what’s left of him to the rendering plant. Sorry Donovan, but your day is over. It’s time to let the kid play, and by the kid I don’t mean Joe Webb. It’s Ponder time baby. The Vikings used a #12 overall pick on him and now it’s time to see what they got for their money. Think the rookie isn’t ready to take the controls? Well I’ve got two words for you: Cam Newton. And I’ve got another two words for you: Andy Dalton. Those guys are taking the NFL by storm, and now it’s Ponder’s turn. Okay, I realize there will be some growing pains. Ponder will probably stink for the first few weeks or maybe even the rest of the season, but guess what? Brett Favre stunk at first too. So did John Elway. So did Peyton Manning. Ponder doesn’t have to tear it up like Cam or Dalton at first, he just has to be adequate. He just has to show that he can improve week-by-week. And for the people who are worried McNabb will start sulking and tear apart the locker room? I have a remedy for that: It’s called giving McNabb his walking papers. And anyone else who complains can also find their way out the door. When Ponder becomes captain, everyone on the ship will have to decide whether they want to stay aboard or walk the plank. Was that a terrible sea-going metaphor? Yes. And it won’t be my last.

Olof says:

Nils! Have you completely lost your mind? Donovan is a career 2 TD to 1 INT guy. We don’t even know what Ponder has. And Oh…by the way…it’s Week 3! It’s still early. Donovan gives the Vikings the best chance to win. Remember in 2008 the Vikings got off to a slow start, 1-3 after the first four weeks. They wound up going 10-6 that season, winning the North, and made the playoffs as a wild card. That year we tried an unproven quarterback in one, Tarvaris Jackson and it was disaster. Insert the golden arm of Gus Frerotte and viola! Winning!

Nils, my dear friend Nils. That season is not unlike this season. Now is not the time for Ponder. There are still wins out there for us, perhaps even a 10-6 season and wild card berth. Ponder can not take us there but McNabb can. We must not send a boy into a man’s game. Ponder’s time to lead us to the promised land will come but it is not now.

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