The Curious Case of Percy Harvin


Everything surrounding Percy Harvin this week has been dramatic. First it was playing in only 30 snaps on Sunday, then it was Percy making a statement to the media on how the offense lined up in the wrong formation on multiple plays, then it was both Leslie Frazier and Bill Musgrave making contradictory statements on if he’s being used enough in the offense and now today we learn that he missed practice with a stomach ailment.

But what exactly is going on here? It still doesn’t make sense that the Vikings would keep their most explosive wide receiver off the field last week versus Tampa Bay. Is Percy not getting along with coaches? Is something going on internally that the team is trying to keep under lock and key?

Turning back the clock to 2009 there was one quote by Florida coach Urban Meyer that really stuck out as NFL teams were asking about Percy prior to the draft. Here it is…

"“We won two national championships around here; we won 44 games–most in the SEC in that time period–and some of the greatest years in the history of Florida football. I was on the sideline when the guy — I know exactly his competitive nature of what we’re dealing with — and Percy is an extreme competitor.”"

Okay, that’s good. Nice to know Meyer enjoyed the success he had with Percy on the team and relished his competitiveness. But then Meyer goes on add another small assertion…

"“He’s got to be in the right place, though. I think he’ll be a great NFL football player. I just hope he goes to a good team with good coaches.”"

Interesting. Well the 2009 Vikings were just what Meyer ordered. The team was loaded with talent on offense with Brett Favre nearly acting as coach where Percy had a huge role on the offense going on to claim Rookie of the Year honors. The 2010 team was far from ideal however. Favre looked washed up, the team turned on Brad Childress and the losses piled up. And then there was the story from early November where an argument between Harvin and Childress got so heated that players and coaches had to separate them before coming to blows.

And now here we are in 2011. Hopefully Percy is back in practice tomorrow, plays twice as many snaps on Sunday, works wonders for our offense and after a victory sings a sweet tune with our coaching staff during the press conference. But if more friction arises do not say you weren’t warned.

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