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5 Questions for the Lions


This is a little segment we like to call…5 Questions. I asked Zac Snyder, editor of the SideLion Report, 5 Questions. Here is what the man, the fan, of the Mo City Kitties had to say:

Clint: Give us Vikings fans a sense of what it means to Detroit for the Lions to be winning again?

Zac: I’m sure there will be no shortage of cliche looks at the city and how the Lions are lifting the spirits of an economically depressed region. I suppose all that stuff is true but it shouldn’t be forgotten that Detroit was a football-depressed region even before the economy went in the tank. Detroit has been a football town in hibernation and the city is awakening in a festive attitude. The city and stadium had a party atmosphere about them last Sunday during the home opener. That will ramp up even more with a great season.

Clint: Are the Lions going carbon/copy of the 2010 Packers? The Packers basically won a lot of games without an effective running game. It seems the Lions are doing the same thing. Yes or No?

Zac: We won’t really know that until the season is over but the Lions are certainly off to a good start. The characterization of their running game as ineffective is somewhat unfair. They have run the ball as well as they have needed to for the most part. The offense forces the opposing defense to “pick their poison” and their strength is in the passing game. That doesn’t mean they are completely inept at running the ball, however.

Clint: What’s the vibe on Matthew Stafford in Mo Town? If he gets hurt again is the club ready to cut ties with your boy?

Zac: Are Vikings fans ready to cut ties with Christian Ponder? He is only 18 days younger than Matthew Stafford. The injuries are disappointing but there isn’t any way Stafford’s first two years should be viewed as a waste. He’s obviously developed without the benefit of health and he is still ridiculously young to the point that no one would have batted an eye at his age had he been part of the 2011 draft. Only a fool would give up on that.

Clint: I’m a die hard Husker fan. Loved watching my boy “House of Spears” tear up the Big XII back in the day. How are the people taking to our guy Suh? Is he a football icon in the Motor City yet?

Zac: Definitely. The Ford Field crowd is quick to yell “SUUUUUUH” just about any time he is even near a play. He was a fan favorite from the second the Lions drafted him and he has further endeared himself to the fans with his social media presence and embracing of his new city.

Clint: It seems this Lions team is playoff ready. Do you think they are built for a deep run come January or will they be one and done?

Zac: At their best, sure. The Lions have the personnel to be disruptive on both sides of the ball and they have a strength to overshadow their weaknesses. They can’t suffer the rash of injuries the Packers overcame during their run last season but they can have a say in what happens in the NFC if everything falls right.


Clint: So what is your score prediction for the Purple v. Mo City Kitties?

Zac: Lions get their first win in Minneapolis since 1997 and move to 3-0 by beating the Vikings 30-20.