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Vikings Rant: Angry Peterson


To go or not to go? That was the question.

4th and 2′ 11”. The momentum had completely shifted and it was starting to have that feel that the Vikings’ defense couldn’t stop a toilet after a eating large Italian dinner. They needed to go for it on 4th and a bit.

I got a text from a Vikes fan: “Go for it!!!!!!!!!” I look up and there is Coach Adrian waving off THE Ryan Longwell. Okay Coach AD. It was the right call. I like the call.

After all, Adrian has been running with as much anger as I’ve seen him, possibly ever. He simply seems to be able to get positive yards whenever he wants. Even when blocking breaks down, Angry Peterson puts on the wiggle and sneaks forward for a few. We have certain formations we line up in that scream: “Just so you know, this is a run play and we are about to pound that azz with 28.” AD promptly spits out a 6.2 yard gain.

Coach AD, you wave off the kicker? It’s on you then Angry Peterson to pick up 2.11 and keep Mo on the Purple sideline. No sense in getting cute here. Our man, the face of the franchise, just made the call. If 28 gets stuffed so be it. It’s on him. For the record, I went back in time, told Frazier to give AP the ball on that play. He broke off 5 yards, got the first down and we won the game. Just sayin’. AP doesn’t get stuffed there. Coming into the Lions game AP only had 5 rushes for negative yards.

Time to go all Purple Church on you here. There is a phrase in the ancient book that says, “to whom much is given; much is required.” Amen. Let’s pass the plate.

$100 M large is much given. 2′ 11” was required.

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