Olof v Nils: Should Vikings’ Frazier be fired?



What a joke! Leslie Frazier has been coaching for 15 minutes and already we’ve made up our minds that he’s not the guy? Give the dude a chance over-reacting Viking fans! In case you haven’t noticed they’re running a whole new offense with a new quarterback and a re-tooled offensive line. It’s going to take time for all that to gel. It’s not Frazier’s fault Bryant McKinnie showed up overweight. It’s not his fault Zygi Wilf spent money like a drunken sailor for years and put the team in cap purgatory, meaning they couldn’t fix their receiver corps or secondary. And it’s definitely not his fault Brad Childress mismanaged the QB position, leaving the team without an heir apparent coming into the year. Frazier had no choice but to pick up a QB like McNabb, otherwise the veterans would’ve revolted. Was Joe Webb going to make it work? Christian Ponder? Frazier needs time to bring this whole thing together with his guy McNabb at the helm. Trust me, Leslie knows what he’s doing. He has a master plan for getting the Vikings to the Super Bowl. Build around Adrian Peterson, develop a young QB (slowly), fill in the roster holes with free agents and watch the wins start rolling in. It was never going to take off right away, so stop getting your underwear in a bundle about a couple of losses.


We’ve seen enough. He’s a .500 coach at best. He was a .500 interim coach and now we are 0-3 to start the season. That’s enough. This team is struggling to finish games and that reflects poorly on the head coach. Leslie is a nice enough guy, a great guy in fact. Many people have reported that training camp was far more calm than at any time they can remember. Practices are low key and calm and that is a direct reflection of Frazier’s leadership. What is lacking though is a killer instinct. Frazier doesn’t have that go for the jugular mentality that this team is in need of. How long will Frazier grant his blind loyalty to Dovovan McNabb? He needs to be benched but that takes a cold blooded coach to do that. Frazier can’t do it. He’s too nice. Frazier needs to get in player’s (and coaches) faces and have a come to Jesus conversation, he can’t do it; he’s too nice. We’ve seen a large enough sample to know this guy is a nice guy…too nice…and not our guy.

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