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Over/Under: Vikings’ McNabb is Under Pressure.


Under Pressure.

Donovan McNabb. Let’s go back in time. The Shanahans dis McNabb for being out of shape, unable to run the 2:00 offense, he doesn’t know the playbook. Some insiders think the Shanahans wanted a robot at the QB position and Donovan did not do exactly what they wanted him to do. Rock, meet hard place. Regardless on where you fall on the Donovan got shafted scale; he was on the outs in Washington.

We continue our look back. Remember when it was clear Donovan was not going to be in Washington anymore and ole’ #5 said that he was working out like crazy and he wanted to make 2011…wait for it…”special.” He told us he was well conditioned and if you doubted he could turn it around well Donovan was going to “prove you wrong.”

Fast forward to the right now. Donovan ranks 30th or 31st in almost every statistical passing category. McNabb’s name is mentioned in the same breathe as Luke McCown and Matt Cassel. He is down in the cellar with the likes of Kerry Collins and Alex Smith. Tjack…now this will be painful…ranks above him in a number of statistical categories, including completion percentage (never thought that would be said).

Donovan is clearly not living up to the 5.05 large that we ponied up for the special season. Is it playcalling holding McNabb back? Has #5 just lost it? He’s too old? Great questions all. But what we need is the Donovan that set out to prove some people wrong.

You gotta think Donovan is on a short leash now. Skipping balls, errant throws, throws in the dirt, late throws, and a 58% completion rate just ain’t gonna get it done. The groans for Ponder grow louder and louder and if the team goes 0-4 they will be deafening. 0-3: A glimmer. 0-4: You see what you got in #7. 0-5: Ponder is your starter and you made a 5.05 Million dollar mistake.

That said, I like Donovan. I like what he brings to the locker room and the fun vibe he brings to the sidelines. But it’s now or never. This one year was supposed to net McNabb a 3 year deal somewhere else.

Right now that ain’t happening. Right now everyone doubts if we made the right call in bringing #5 in. Right now everyone thinks this is the Donovan of the Washington vibe. Right now it looks like Donovan doesn’t have it. Right now everyone doubts if Donovan can turn it around.

Right now Donovan we just want you to prove everyone wrong.

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