Vikings/Chiefs and 5 Questions


This is a little piece of writing brilliance we like to call 5 Questions. I asked Patrick Allen of Arrowhead Addict 5 questions about the Chiefs and this is what our guy Patrick Allen had to say:

Clint: Are you guys participating in the “Suck for Luck” movement?

Patrick: AA has a very large staff. Some of the guys are on the Suck for Luck bandwagon. Others, like me, just can’t bring themselves to do it. Going 1-1 or 2-14 can cause a lot of other problems for an organization that I am not sure the Chiefs want. Still, I recognize that this team needs a franchise QB. I will always cheer for the Chiefs to win on Sunday but if they somehow ended up with Andrew Luck, I wouldn’t complain either. Things will play out as they will play out.

Clint: Chiefs. 0-3. Obviously the direction of the team and conversation changes now as the playoffs are a remote possibility. What would you like to see the Chiefs do from here on out? Are there personnel moves you would like to see due to the 0-3 start?

Patrick: I think Todd Haley messed up badly by not getting the team ready to play football. It took two weeks before the Chiefs looked even close to being a competitive football team. I am concerned about Haley’s job should the Chiefs lose to the Vikes and Colts. If they go 0-5 and lose two straight to winless teams, I think Haley’s a goner.

That being said, the Chiefs showed some fight last week so they may be turning it around a bit. If the team can win a few, Haley will save his job and we’ll have to give him credit for overcoming his own mistake, as well as some devastating injuries. 

The book isn’t written on the Chiefs yet this season so I can’t really say how I would like it to go. Talk to me in two weeks. If the Chiefs win two in a row, I want them to keep trying to win. If they lose the next two, I might start calling for Haley’s head and for the interim coach to throw Ricky Stanzi in there to see what he’s got.

Clint: After Cassel was first acquired it seemed Chief Nation was excited that he was around and now it seems they want the guy out of KC yesterday. Why the fall from grace?

Patrick: Cassel just isn’t very good. He’s a great guy and I think everyone likes him but he has shown that he can only be average and that is only if everything else goes right. He is a QB that can’t put a team on his back and lead them to a win. He’s a caretaker and a game manager. A solid backup, at best.

KC fans have seen enough. They want a franchise QB (who doesn’t) and Cassel just isn’t it.

Clint: Will Todd Haley make it all 16 games?

Patrick: I think the Chiefs have to win the next two games. If they do, he’s safe for the year. If they win one and lose one close, it is a coin toss. If they get blown out at all over the next two weeks, I think he’s a goner. The Chiefs play the Vikes, then the Colts and then they have the bye week. GM Scott Pioli has Romeo Crennel and Jim Zorn on staff. Both are perfect interim coaching candidates.

I really think it hands all on the next two games.

Clint: Chiefs a playoff team a year ago, this season in the cellar. Why?

Patrick: A mixture of things. Last season they had the easiest schedule and football. While that helped, a win is still a win. Unfortunately, this season Todd Haley was worried about injuries and conditioning more than he was worried about getting his players ready to hit and play football. Injuries or not, there is no excuse for the way the Chiefs played in the first two weeks of the season. That is on Haley.

The bad coaching decision, combined with the loss of Eric Berry, Jamaal Charles and Tony Moeaki, has left KC without three major contributors. They just aren’t deep enough to really recover from that.

Also, the Bills, Lions and Chargers are no pushovers this season. They are a combined 8-1.

In short, bad coaching and bad luck.


Clint: Give us your Vikings @ Chiefs prediction.

Patrick: After the way the Chiefs played on defense last week I have hope they are coming around. Still Matt Cassel can’t seem to do anything and the running game is struggling. Also our damn kicker seems to be melting down.

I honestly have no idea how the Chiefs are going to score points on the Vikings D. I think for them to win this game, they will have to make some things happen on defense.

I predict a really ugly, low scoring affair. Since it is at Arrowhead and the Chiefs showed some life last week, I’ll give them the nod. 13-10 Chiefs in a game that will make you want to watch baseball.

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