Vikings/Chiefs Saturday Prediction


It has the feel of a win doesn’t it?

You got your umbrella? Because it’s raining cold dark facts up in here…

The Kansas City Chiefs are averaging 9 points a game. Now, I’m not Charles Davis, or Rich Eisen, or even Terry Bradshaw but I know that 9 points through 3 games is bad…really, really bad. The Chefs have run a total of 162 plays from scrimmage; dead last in the NFL. The Red, White, and Yellow are averaging 244 yards per tilt and only going for 4.5 yards per play. For the love of everything holy they average 12 first downs a game! The last beautiful stat I would like to give to you is that the Chefs are -6 in the turnover department.

Translation: The Chiefs are not a good offensive football team.

The Kansas City Chiefs are giving up a league leading 36.3 pts per game. The Chiefs’ D give up 123 yards per game on the ground. So…I dunno…say a team has a really, really good running back. Said team should be able to run really well against the Chiefs. In fact the team with a really good running back should be able to run really well in both the first half and the second half. The team with the really really good running back should just keep giving the ball to their running back. I digress. The Chiefs have also given up a league leading 5 rushing Tds this season. To boot the Chiefs are giving up a league leading 8 passing touchdowns.

Translation: The Chiefs are not a good defensive football team.

Good people…it feels like Sunday is our day! I know the Vikings haven’t necessarily been lights out on offense and/or defense themselves but they have significantly better talent than the Chefs. I am looking for Jared Allen to have a big day against Branden Albert…it’s not going to be pretty. In fact, Allen could match his 3 sack total from last week.

Both of these squads sink to the bottom of the barrel as it relates to time of possession. Before the season started both of these teams probably would’ve been predicted to be near the top when it comes to TOP. So this could feel like a game of hot potato… “I don’t want it you take it.” “No! I don’t want it, you take it.” But at the end of the day, the Vikings will be too much. This is a game we do not need McNabb to be stellar, although we do need him to be Trent Dilfer circa 2000.

But I know something is coming

I don’t know what it is

But I know it’s amazing, Vikes save me

The Vikes time is coming

And they’ll find their way out of this longest drought

Vikes win this one 27-17.

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