TVA Smackdown: Hell No to TO


There’s no debate that Terrell Owens has been an absolute beast throughout his career — 6th all time in receptions, 2nd all time in receiving yards, 2nd all time in receiving touchdowns and 6 career Pro Bowls. There’s also minimal doubt he’s capable of contributing to a team this season keeping himself in phenomenal shape and being an incredibly fast healer. Yes he’s been rehabbing from knee surgery the past couple of months, but remember in 2004 after severely spraining his ankle and fracturing his fibula he came back to be a major factor in the Super Bowl when doctors stated it would take several more weeks to heal. Even last year with the Bengals he scored 9 touchdowns in 14 games. But contrary to Dan’s opinion, which I greatly respect, the Vikings are not a good fit for the remainder of the 2011 season.

Two reasons…

1) TO is that much of a headache — I could care less about TO’s spat with Donovan McNabb in the 2005 season. They made peace when TO was with the Cowboys and have had a fine relationship ever since. McNabb went so far as to endorse TO joining the Redskins last season. Still McNabb probably won’t finish the season as the 2011 starter and definitely won’t be with Vikings for 2012. What makes TO so much of a headache however is he expects the offense to run through him. With the Cowboys in 2009 TO complained about not getting enough touches after he was targeted 17 times by Tony Romo, which lead the league that week in targets! TO also received 2 handoffs in that very game. There were also rumors last year with the Bengals he would fight with Carson Palmer if he didn’t like the play called in the huddle and TO would demand it be changed for his own good. Whether or not that’s true, it is worth noting that Palmer had his best game last season throwing to Jerome Simpson and Andre Caldwell.

We simply can’t afford to have him bickering with Adrian Peterson on who should get more touches, let alone having that kind of diva around young QBs in Christian Ponder and Joe Webb.

2) Vikings need a youth movement at WR — Dan is exactly correct to say “Berrian is worthless”, however I’m not going to turn this into another “Cut Berrian” blog post (or #CutBerrian for those of you on Twitter). The focus should be on the 2012 Vikings. The time has time to see what we have in the younger receivers who will definitely be in the league next year. Can Devin Aromashodu reach his potential if we give him 45 snaps a game? This is the same Aromashodu who scorched us for 7 receptions, 150 yards and a touchdown during our magical 2009 run and make a spectacular catch for a touchdown last week. Aromashodu is currently on a one-year deal, but who’s to say he can’t find a home here and sign a modest multi-year deal? Why not promote Emmanuel Arceneaux from the practice squad after cutting Berrian to see if he can spread the field? Stephen Burton is another guy currently sitting on the practice squad who struggled in camp, but is only 21-years-old and has the physical tools to make it as an NFL wide receiver.

Regardless of how much some of you would like TO on the Vikings, note that his presence would stunt the growth of our younger wide receivers.

And that’s why I say no thanks.

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