Vikings/Bears: Walk the Blank…


I sat down with ChicagoBearJew to play a game of Walk The Blank! See what I did there? It’s normally walk the plank but I changed it to be more Viking-ish. ChicagoBearJew can be followed on Twitter @ChicagoBearJew and you can read his raw, passionate, and honest Bears coverage at

Without further adieu…

Clint: The Bears defense is so ______.

CBJ: Freaking annoying, frustrating and angering. The safeties are moronic and crappy, the defensive line can’t get a push and the linebackers are beginning to age. I do like the cornerbacks. There’s talent here, but it isn’t living up to expectations. If I see one more receiver get behind the cover two, I may drive to Lake Forest and kick Lovie in the nuts. 

Clint: The field at Soldier Field is _________.

CBJ: A non-issue. Well it’s an issue but how many serious injuries have occurred? It’s been bad for a long time, and for some reason, they can’t grow grass on it. I’d like to see them go to a hybrid turf, but the Bears don’t want it.

Clint: Mike Martz is ___________.

CBJ: Overweight, arrogant and loves getting quarterbacks hit. In his defense, he doesn’t have much to work with…

Clint: Lovie Smith can ___________.

CBJ: Speak without saying anything. He doesn’t tell you much. He should never be allowed to challenge  a play.

Clint: The Bears can still make the playoffs if ___________.

CBJ: The top two teams in the division are going to be hard to catch. But the Bears have a shot at the final wild card spot. The NFC is proving to be a lot of suck, so the Bears may be the best of the worst.

Clint: My prediction for Sunday Night is ________.

CBJ: Geez I don’t know. I hope it doesn’t rain. I am going to the game and I really hate being wet. OK in regards to the game. The Bears will probably find a way to win because both of these teams invent ways to suck. 
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