TVA Staff Predictions: Vikings/Packers


Packers week and you’re just dying to know what we think the outcome will be. We are here to serve. Here’s how we see the final scoreboard:

Jon: Packers 48-10

Brad: Packers 31 Vikings 16: Some people might think I sound like an idiot, but Green Bay’s defense doesn’t impress me that much. They give up a lot of yards and they aren’t great against the run. I only say that because I don’t agree with those who think Christian Ponder is going to be overwhelmed by the defending champions. A part of me wants to think that this could be that one huge-effort game that bad teams sometimes come up with (like the 2002 Vikings, who were 2-7 but beat the 8-1 Packers), but I’m not getting my hopes up.

Dan: Packers 35 – Vikings 21

Scott: Packers 27 – 13 Vikings

Tom: 35-14, Packers. Jared Allen and a little bit better offense will really be what we are watching for, I’d like to see Ponder make some plays, as long as he can do more things than Donovan was doing, it will be a spark of hope.

Clint: Packers 34-10. As I have said all week, this one is not going to be pretty. To win this game the Vikings will have to be a team they have not been. The Vikings will need to limit the Packers offensive possessions by controlling the clock when we have the ball. They have shown no ability to do that on a consistent basis. Look for the Vikes to rack up several 3 & outs and give Rodgers and Co. opportunities to score and score they will. On a positive note, Ponder gets his first game with live bullets out of the way. Let the development begin.

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