Christian Ponder’s “Shooter McGavin” Dance Must Stay


During the Vikings press conference today quarterback Christian Ponder stated that his fake shooting of a pistol when pulled from a holster touchdown dance is a tribute to Happy Gilmore character Shooter McGavin. Anyone older than 16 will know that Happy Gilmore was a mid-90s comedy where Adam Sandler plays a failed hockey player who learns how to drive a golf ball a mile then turns professional on the golf course. Along the way Happy meets a conceited and pompous rival golfer named Shooter McGavin who made a guns-and-holsters shooting motion whenever sinking a key putt. The two do not get along throughout the movie both on and off the golf course. In the end, like most cheesy movies, Happy comes out on top winning tournaments and getting the girl.

During the Vikings-Packers game commentators made fun of Ponder’s touchdown dance and he went on to state he was just trying things until something sticks. Look no further Christian. Something tells us this may stick. With the way Ponder was aggressive going downfield and having somewhat of a gunslinger mentality what dance could be more fitting? Ponder was commended for his aggressiveness, fun and lively demeanor and keeping the game close until the very end. Even All-Pro running back Adrian Peterson praised Ponder following the game saying, “He took charge with confidence. He never seemed rattled. Just very comfortable, which is something I am very excited about. He bounced back from two interceptions and continued to go strong, which says a lot about him as a leader.”

So Packer fans… While you are the defending Super Bowl champions and beat us last weekend, it’s only a matter of time before the rivals are even again. Aaron Rodgers is 27 and Ponder is 23. More showdowns between the two await. Rodgers can keep his silly belt dance, we’ll stand by our shooter. See you again soon on the dance floor!

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