Olof vs. Nils: Is Frazier doing the right things?


Is Frazier doing all the right things as head coach?


Leslie Frazier is absolutely doing a great job for the Vikings. He knew the time was right to end the McNabb era and give Christian Ponder his chance. And look how Ponder responded! He almost beat those durn Packers. He also made the right call getting rid of Bernard Berrian. That man was becoming a huge distraction. You can’t have guys with bad attitudes poisoning the locker room, especially when you have a young quarterback. Leslie gave both McNabb and Bernard every chance to contribute and neither guy stepped up, so…OUT OF HERE! Leslie doesn’t mess around, as Bryant McKinnie also found out. Oh and let’s not forget about the Chris Cook situation. What a horrible position that young man put his coach and teammates in. He deserved to get suspended. Leslie has handled that perfectly as well. The message he’s sending is clear: If you’re a malcontent or a miscreant, forget about playing for the Vikings. It’s a new day in Minnesota thanks to Leslie Frazier.


One might think he’s doing a decent job but Frazier is reactive and not active. A good leader has foresight and can see problem areas whether it’s in business or in sports. Frazier thought McNabb was going to be a good fit offensively for this club. It turns out that was a $5 million mistake. In fact for a long period of time Frazier was saying that McNabb gives the Vikes the best chance to win! Well if Sunday was any indication it was Ponder that gives the Vikes the best chance to win and Frazier was late to the party. Second verse, same as the first. Everyone that bleeds Purple was calling for Berrian to be cut. Frazier suspended him twice and then called him in for a conversation before he could let him go. Frazier, to this point, seems as though he is not in command of the locker room. So is he doing a good job? Only if you like a passive, reactionary head coach.

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