Olof vs. Nils: Should the Vikings cut McNabb?



Why would you want to cut Donovan McNabb? Because he runs his mouth? I seem to remember a certain quarterback we had here for a couple of years who also liked running his mouth, and I don’t remember people calling for him to be cut after he no longer played. Yes I’m talking about Brett Favre. People were find with Favre standing on the sideline doing nothing while Joe Webb played. They even thought Favre might be a help to Webb. But McNabb, they figure, is nothing but a bad influence on Christian Ponder. That’s a pretty serious slam against Donovan’s professionalism and frankly I’m bothered by that. Let’s look at what Donovan said specifically. All he said was that he thinks he should still be the starter and he doesn’t think it’s fair for him to get all the blame for the losses. Well? What do you want him to say? “I’m terrible and it’s all my fault?” Donovan is saying what anyone in his position would say. If you don’t like it, ignore it. I’m guessing Leslie Frazier doesn’t think it’s a big deal at all. Leslie knows that, in Donovan, he has himself a solid veteran back-up who has wisdom to impart to the rookie and will be ready if you need him in a pinch. So I say the Vikings should keep Donovan.


Of course you cut him. From all reports McNabb is not participating with the team anyway. He doesn’t show up early to set an example. He doesn’t stay late to watch film. He doesn’t mentor the young kids. The only example McNabb is setting is how to not be a team player. He is telling Webb and Ponder that if you last x amount of years in the NFL then you can do whatever you want to do! Is that the example you want for your young signal callers? I mean in the last game when Musgrave was talking to Ponder, Webb was right there next to them. Where was McCrabb? 34.3 yards away doing whatever he does. Remember the Love Boat? We showed a few players the door because their character was…um…suspect. Remember Moss? We shipped him off to Oakland because he was eroding the locker room. Remember Mt. McKinnie? Low character, undisciplined? Good-bye. It seems that Leslie wants high character guys. I think it’s clear that Purple Nation wants high character guys. McNabb does not fit the bill. Good-bye.

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