Adrian Peterson’s Twitter Account Is A Billboard


If the worst thing you can say about your best player is how annoying their Twitter account is, well that’s not that bad at all. But Adrian Peterson is up to Twitter antics again. First it was “Retweeting” a million things his followers sent and clogging up everyone’s timeline. Lately it’s been a plethora of tweets promoting whatever helps Adrian cause be it a product he endorses, his hometown or a charitable foundation.

Case in point with Verizon’s launch of the Droid Razr by Motorola the NFL’s best running back was tweeting away encouraging his followers to go out and buy it today…

"@AdrianPeterson Today’s the day…look for the #DROIDRAZR from @VerizonWireless. #SPON"

"@AdrianPetersonThe new #DROIDRAZR from @VerizonWireless looks nice! It’s coming out tomorrow on 11.11.11. #SPON"

"@AdrianPetersonRemember the RAZR? @verizonwireless is launching the new #DROIDRAZR on 11.11.11 at 11:11AM. Look forward to checking it out! #SPON"

Earlier this week it was pimping the new action-adventure video game Assassin’s Creed…

"@AdrianPetersonDominating in @assassinscreed tonight!"

Your most diehard of Vikings fans could tell you that Adrian has endorsement deals with both Verizon (ad here) and Ubisoft (ad here) in addition to a number of other corporations. Does anyone really think one of the NFL’s biggest stars is chomping at the bit to go buy a new cell phone? Or ran to Best Buy to purchase Assassin’s Creed the day it came out and is now playing it 24/7? Perhaps that’s not even Adrian running his own Twitter account, but rather a business manager or a friend.

And so that’s just the way it goes with following a megastar on Twitter. Sometimes they give you a peek into their private lives, but most of the time there’s a hidden agenda with what’s tweeted. Reality TV star Kim Kardashian was rumored to earn over $10,000 per tweet where she gave shoutouts to Sears and Reebok. Adrian most likely doesn’t anything close to that amount per tweet, however its probable something is written into his endorsement contract with each respected company to tweet something about their products so often.

We’ll just stick to appreciating Chris Kluwe’s whiteboards. Much more genuine.

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