Chris Kluwe Calls Out Falcons’ Kerry Meier For “Cheap-Shotting” Cullen Loeffler


Chris Kluwe is not a happy man today. It’s not just because the Vikings lost (again), it’s because one of his best buds on the team was, in his estimation, cheap-shotted by an Atlanta Falcons special teamer. The play that has Kluwe’s underwear in a bunch happened early in the second quarter on a punt. Long-snapper Cullen Loeffler appeared to be well away from the ball carrier when Falcons WR Kerry Meier flashed into the picture and wiped him out. From the replay it doesn’t look like Loeffler saw Meier coming. Long story short, Loeffler ended up with a broken bone in his back that not only chased him from the game but will likely sideline him for the rest of the season.

The never-shy Mr. Kluwe took to Twitter today to profanely vent his anger at Meier for the perceived dirty play. Kluwe’s tweets (I’ve edited out the expletives):

For the record, Brian Billick said during the telecast that he thought Meier’s hit was legal. Of course Billick also said yesterday that Donovan McNabb did nothing to get benched, so perhaps we would do well not to put much stock in Mr. Billick’s opinion. Kluwe certainly thinks it was a dirty hit and he isn’t afraid to talk about it. We await a response from Mr. Meier, if indeed one is forthcoming. So far I have been unable to locate a Twitter account for Meier so I guess we can forget about a good old-fashioned Twitter war a la Berrian v. Kriesel.

Update: Kluwe initially didn’t mention Meier by name but later he did. He also clarified his stance on the play saying he thinks it was legal but just “unnecessary.” The swear-words he used suggest he thinks it was more than just “unnecessary.”

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