Brett Favre: No Plans To Play Football


The Ole Gunslinger won’t be back in an NFL uniform for the 2012 season. That’s right… Brett Favre is staying retired. After reports yesterday from Michael C Wright of ESPN Chicago that a current in-shape Favre would indeed listen to the Chicago Bears if they’d call him, reports have came out that the Bears are not interested. Then later tonight Favre released a statement saying “Inspite of reports about playing with various teams, I’m enjoying retirement with my family and have no plans to play football.”

Was there really a substance behind this story? Was Michael C Wright correct in reporting Favre would listen to the Bears or was the team never interested to begin with? Who to believe here? In the grand scheme of things, it would have been fun to watch Favre go head-to-head versus the Mile High Messiah. Or try to spoil the Packers perfect season at Lambeau Field. Or fight on the sidelines with Mike Martz. Unfortunately that’s just the way it goes with Favre. A lot of wonderful moments combined with a number of disappointing ones.

Until Favre is 50 and sporting an extra “share tire” we’ll just expect to hear his name float in comeback rumors. After all, why did it take the future Hall of Famer 36-hours to deny this story? So the next time a starting quarterback goes down, expect some talking head on NFL Network to mention Favre as a possible replacement. Then rumors will swirl from Scott Favre that Brett has the “itch” again. Then Rachel Nichols of ESPN will be reporting from Favre’s lawn or outside of a Hattiesburg high school. Then Mike Florio of will start tracking every NFL owner’s private jet. Then in the end… Brett Favre will do something unexpected whether that’s playing again or staying “retired”.

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