Cedric Griffin Not In Leslie Frazier’s Doghouse Despite Comments


It’s safe to say Cedric Griffin was not happy about being yanked from Sunday’s game. After watching Cedric fail to execute proper Cover-2 technique on Titus Young’s 57-yard TD catch, Leslie Frazier decided it was time for his veteran CB to take a seat. Cedric never got back in the game. Afterward Griffin had some pretty strong words about Frazier’s decision and his (at this point certainly non-existent) future with the team.

“I’m not too worried about it. My skills are what they are right now,” Griffin said. “That’s what [Frazier] felt he needed to do. I’m going to keep moving. I’m sure I’ll respond.” Added Griffin, “Hopefully, it’s with another mind-set, a different group. It’s just kind of frustrating. Kind of bad timing. Whatever he did, he did. If that’s his determination of how he sees my play, then so be it.”

Frazier’s decision to bench Griffin didn’t exactly come out of left field. The coach has expressed dismay over Griffin’s performance in the past, particularly in the wake of the Denver game, when the entire Vikings secondary melted down along with Griffin. Cedric’s poor showing against Detroit was seemingly the last straw for Frazier.

In his Monday comments, Frazier indicated that he was not aware of Griffin’s post-game remarks, and said he would sit down with Cedric to discuss matters. Frazier assured reporters that Cedric isn’t “in his doghouse” despite the benching. We’ll see if Cedric’s sit-down with Frazier changes that. I can’t imagine Leslie will be happy about the stuff Cedric said, but at the same time he must realize that Cedric has reason for raw feelings after getting slammed publicly and then benched. The best thing for both sides now would be for Cedric to move on. A sad end to what was overall a solid run as a Viking for Griffin.

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