Tori Gurley Turns Down Vikings to Stay on Packers’ Practice Squad


On the surface this looks like an embarrassing story for the Vikings. The team offered Packers practice squad receiver Tori Gurley a roster spot but Gurley turned the Vikings down to remain on the Packers’ PS. The Packers reportedly gave Gurley a raise, but Gurley says he would’ve stayed even without the pay bump because “he didn’t want his season to end in three weeks.”

I’m sure there are lots of Packer fans just giddy at the idea that this guy would rather be a practice squad hand for the Packers than a full-fledged member of the Vikings roster. Their practice squad guys are better than the Vikings’ real receivers! Also Minnesota people smell like butt!

Let’s be real though: Gurley’s true reason for staying with the Packers has nothing to do with hating the Vikings or even getting a raise. He stayed with Green Bay because he knows Greg Jennings is hurt and this could be his chance to move up to the active roster. And if Jennings is slower coming back from his injury than expected, Gurley could end up seeing action in a playoff game.

I have no doubt that were it not for Jennings’ injury Gurley would’ve accepted the Vikings’ offer. A man would have to be an idiot to stay on a practice squad, even for a playoff-bound team, when he has a chance to get on the active roster for another team, even one that is 2-11. Without the expectation of an injury-related promotion, Gurley would have left the Packers behind in a heartbeat.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, Gurley is a UDFA out of South Carolina who in two years of college caught 75 balls for 905 yards and 6 TDs. He could be garbage but because he’s a UDFA on the Packers everyone thinks he’s a superstar waiting to happen. The Packers can find players anywhere.

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