Adrian Peterson Accuses the Saints of Playing Dirty


Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: A member of the Vikings is accusing the Saints’ defense of dirty play. After Sunday’s beat down at the Metrodome, Adrian Peterson took a shot at the Saints for going after his bum ankle. Peterson singles out Jabari Greer, claiming Greer twisted his ankle in the pile.

“I came into the game kind of expecting that coming back from a high ankle sprain,” Peterson said. “Guys are going to try to take their shots when we’re on the pile and try to twist it up and things like that.

“I felt like it kind of got overboard. I got up and kind of got in [Greer’s] face. Thank God I was able to keep my composure.”

Several Vikings figures, most notably Brad Childress, accused the Saints of similar shenanigans after the way they roughed up Brett Favre in the NFC title game. “I just know they orchestrated some things that aren’t within our rules,” Childress said in the wake of that historic defeat. Darren Sharper added fuel to that particular fire ahead of the 2010 season-opening rematch by saying of Favre’s surgically-repaired ankle, “X marks the spot.” Sharper ended up not even playing in that rematch.

These new allegations likely won’t generate as much heat as the ones after the NFC title game. People cared about that game because it was for the conference championship and because Brett Favre was involved. Sunday’s epic thrashing was slightly farther down the scale of relevance, somewhere below a mouse fart but above a fly burp.

Besides, accusing the Saints of playing dirty is sort of old news, isn’t it? Everybody knows that team is full of cheating d-bags. Adrian needs to take the high road on this one.

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