Tori Gurley Got a Very Large Raise From the Packers


So it turns out I may have given Tori Gurley too much credit. When I first posted on the Packer practice squad hand’s decision to turn down the Vikings’ offer of a roster spot I assumed it had mostly to do with him thinking he’d get a shot to replace the injured Greg Jennings on the Packers roster. Others also tossed out the notion that Gurley stayed in Green Bay because he knows Donald Driver is on the way out, meaning a spot will be open next season.

But the Jennings and Driver situations probably weren’t behind Gurley’s decision at all. Instead it was all about money. A lot of money from a practice squad player’s point-of-view. Rob Demkovsky reports that the Packers helped make up Gurley’s mind about staying by bumping his weekly salary from $5,700 to $22,058. His new number happens to be equal with the weekly salary for an active roster player making the rookie minimum. He’s getting paid real player money to be on the scout team? Sweet deal.

So despite everything Gurley said, his decision wasn’t about wanting a Super Bowl ring or hoping for a shot at Driver’s job next year after all, it was just about cash. Packer fans probably still think it’s funny that he turned the Vikings down but that’s only because they’re clueless. I mean come on Packer fans. Shelling out $250-a-pop for fake stock? If you believe holding that piece of paper makes you an owner, you’ll probably believe anything, including the notion that Tori Gurley stayed with the Packers because he loves the organization.

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