Minnesota Vikings 3 Round Mock Draft


Hi guys, I’m Jackson and I am a new member here at fansided.com. I am going to be providing the purple nation with mock drafts, updates on players that could end up in purple, players I think would be good in purple, surprise mock drafts(in which I try to figure out how the Vikes staff could surprise us), and much more to come. Now that you all know who I am and what I’m going to be doing here, lets get started on my first 3 round mock draft. Currently on this unimpressive Vikings roster, we have 3 gaping holes. These are as follows: LT, DB(s), and a #1 WR. I have the Minnesota Vikings picking 2nd overall.

Let the draft begin.

1st Round, 2nd Overall Pick: Matt Kalil(LT) USC

An extremely athletic , and strong  LT from USC. With the addition of Kalil, Charlie Johnson will be able to play the Right Guard spot(Or possibly Left Guard if we decide to boot Hutch). Not only will his addition help Ponder from becoming Matthew Stafford, but it will also help Adrian Peterson in the run game, finally giving him the decent O-Line he has never really had with the vikes.

2nd Round, 35th Overall Pick: Chase Minnifield(CB) Virginia

Minnifield is a monster of a corner, who will make the fantastic interception, as well as the big play on 3rd down. With Minnifield and Cook on the outside and Winfield covering the slot, we should have a much improved secondary.

3rd Round, 66th Overall Pick: Marvin McNutt(WR) Iowa

This is a guy who may not be here in the 3rd round, as he is predicted to go in the late 2nd, but if he is, you can count on the Vikings to take him off the board. McNutt is a 6-4 Wide Receiver who has very deceptive speed, and that awesome name to go along with it(I know, irrelevant but who doesn’t want to walk around with a jersey that says “McNutt” on the back?).

Draft Conclusion: With the addition of Kalil, Minnifield, and McNutt, our beloved purple has improved much more then you may think. We have given Ponder both protection, and another solid weapon to throw too, which opens up things for Percy Harvin and Adrian Peterson as well. And with the addition of Minnifield, we are getting that help in the secondary we need as bad as the Packers need their cheese. If we also pickup a few good free agents from the upcoming corner and receiver stacked class(Which include Asante Samuel, Dwayne Bowe, Desean Jackson etc…), we should be in pretty good shape for next year, and may be in position to make a playoff run–that is, if Ponder shows development and limits the turnovers.

Thank you all for reading, I will be posting a few draft-related posts each week. Be sure to check back and have a Merry Christmas.