Colts-Texans Match-Up Holds Slight Interest For Viking Fans


I don’t need to tell you the Viking-related implications for tonight’s Colts-Texans match-up. If the Colts win they’ll have two victories, the same number as the Vikings. Assuming the Vikings then didn’t win Saturday – a safe assumption given that the game is on the road and oh yeah they stink – they would go into the final week tied with the Colts for worst record. The Rams could also be in that mix depending on what they do Sunday against Pittsburgh.

So that means, by the laws of draft position smarty-pantsery, we’re supposed to root for the Colts to win. And then root for the Rams to win and for the Rams and Colts to win again the last week and the Vikings to get beat by the Bears. And then we’ll have the #1 overall pick and na-na-na all you other teams with poopier draft picks.

And then the big-time speculation will start. Trade the pick or draft Andrew Luck and tell Christian Ponder to have a nice life. The answer to that one is easy: Trade the pick. If Luck is really that good there will be at least 10 teams lined up willing to give you a king’s ransom for him. The Vikings need lots of stuff and for all we know already have a good enough quarterback (See Ponderpologists? I said something nice about him. Go drink your juice now.)

To be completely honest, I feel dirty even writing this post. This kind of speculation is the most soul-besmirching of all. In my contrarian heart, I hope the Vikings screw the whole thing up by winning. That would make me laugh till I puked.

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