Steve Hutchinson, Asher Allen Out for Redskins Game


The injury beat goes on for the Vikings (imagine something painful and throbbing). On Friday the team declared Steve Hutchinson and Asher Allen out for Saturday’s highly-anticipated noon tilt with the Redskins. Both players suffered concussions in last week’s beat down by the Saints and failed to pass the tests.

For those who insist on going down the SuckforLuck road: Good news everyone, our already-weak offensive line and secondary will be even weaker. For those of us who choose to live in a world not dominated by gallows humor and masochism and other such painfully transparent coping strategies: Uh, I got nothing.

Well that’s not true, I do have this: I hope Steve Hutchinson’s career doesn’t end with him on the shelf like it did with Brett Favre. That’s a sad way to go out, especially for a guy who was a true warrior. Given what we’ve learned the last few years about concussions and their long-term effects, I wouldn’t blame Hutch if he at least contemplated hanging it up now. Considering Hutch’s salary number for next year, the Vikings probably wouldn’t mind Hutch calling it a career either (sorry for being harsh but it’s true).

At least for this week, Hutch’s spot on the line will be taken by Joe Berger. The Allen injury probably means we’ll see at least a little of Cedric Griffin unless Leslie Frazier has decided to put him on paid leave too. What a joke.

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