Joe Webb Leads Vikings to 33-26 Win Over Redskins


It wasn’t supposed to happen like this. The Vikings were supposed to lose this afternoon and move a step closer to securing the all-important #2 pick in the draft (or maybe even the #1). But a funny thing happened on the way to the Vikings’ 13th loss of the season…they didn’t lose.

Not only did the Vikings defy the odds by winning, they did so without Adrian Peterson and Christian Ponder, both of whom went out with injuries. Those two players’ respective replacements Toby Gerhart and Joe Webb were instrumental in leading the Vikings to 23 second-half points and a victory over Washington.

Some would call this an unwanted victory. Draft position arguments aside, it was an exciting and highly intriguing second half for the Vikings. Most intriguing of all was the performance of Joe Webb who finished with 84 passing yards, 34 rushing yards and 3 TDs (2 passing, 1 rushing). Like the Lions two weeks ago, the Redskins seemed totally lost in trying to defend the speedy Webb. Bill Musgrave’s playcalling style seems to suit Webb who, at least for this week, out-Tebowed Tebow. And don’t discount the contribution of Toby Gerhart who pitched in with 109 rushing yards, 67 coming on a season-long run.

So the Vikings have 3 wins now. They may have hurt their draft position today, but that’s not the big talker left over from this game. The major issue now has to be the quarterback position. Christian Ponder may have started this game but Joe Webb got the win. Webb’s performance today coupled with his performance against the Lions will be enough to make some wonder if Webb doesn’t deserve more consideration as the starter. Whatever you think of that issue, you can’t deny that there is now a dawning QB controversy in Minnesota.

At least now we have something to talk about. Besides who the Vikings should draft with whatever pick they end up having.

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