Tony Dungy: Colts Could Blow Up Draft By Taking Robert Griffin III


Let’s play a little game of “what if.” I’ll start…

What if the Indianapolis Colts defy draft wonk “logic” by taking Robert Griffin III #1 overall instead of Andrew Luck?

Think I’m nuts for suggesting this? Tell that to Tony Dungy who threw out this very idea himself.

I’m not saying Dungy is some kind of seer. He could be full of beans. Or he could be on to something. I’m just saying…what if the Colts actually do take RG3 instead of their anointed savior Luck?

To my thinking, that would leave the Rams with three viable choices: Luck, Matt Kalil or a trade down. Let’s say they took Luck (and gave up on Sam Bradford). The Vikings would then get Kalil as their new left tackle, making lots of people happy. And if the Rams traded the pick to some team looking for a QB? The Vikes would still get Kalil. Lots of people happy.

And what if the Rams really defied conventional wisdom by taking Kalil themselves? The Vikings would then get to choose between drafting Luck or trading the pick away. With the Browns lurking at #4, the Vikings would certainly be able to make a deal for multiple picks. Or they could take Luck themselves and put Christian Ponder on the block. Either way, they would be in serious business.

This door only opens if Dungy’s speculation comes to pass and the Colts take Griffin over Luck. Months of scouting say this is an impossibility. For as long as I can remember, the smarty-pantses have said Andrew Luck will undoubtedly be the #1 overall pick. Are we really ready to believe that Dungy has some inside dirt that renders all those months of guessing irrelevant?

I’m not prepared to cast aside all that endlessly-repeated wisdom. As far as I’m concerned, it’s still Luck #1 overall. He’s the can’t-miss prospect of all-time according to everyone. This Robert Griffin III? Nice player, but this hype on him will certainly go away between now and the actual draft. When push comes to shove, the Colts will do the safe thing and take Luck, causing all the other expected pieces to fall into place.

So all you Viking fans who are still hoping that by some miracle Luck drops to #3? You can forget it. It’s a pipe dream. Ponder will be your QB in 2012, hopefully with a new stud guarding his blind side. Take that to the bank and leave your Luck scenarios where they belong: in your fantasies.

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