Matt Kalil is Destined to be a Viking


With the NFL Draft still months away, predicting exactly what will happen is far-fetched. However, with the 3rd overall pick in the NFL Draft, I believe one of these three scenarios will play out for the Minnesota Vikings.

1. What will most likely happen:

With the Rams selecting Justin Blackmon at pick no. 2, Robert Griffin III remains on the board and makes the Vikings the only trade partner left for teams like the Redskins and Dolphins to move up in front of Cleveland. With the Dolphins publicly expressing interest in Packers QB Matt Flynn, they are unlikely to give the Vikings a call on draft day. This leaves the Redskins, and what they offer will be gladly accepted by the Vikings.

Minnesota Vikings Receive:

2012 1st round pick (6th overall)

2012 2nd round pick (39th overall)

2012 3rd round pick (70th overall)

2013 2nd round pick (TBD)

Washington Redskins Receive:

2012 1st round pick (3rd overall)

With RG3 going to the Redskins, the next team on the clock is the Cleveland Browns who will likely select RB Trent Richardson to boost their offensive production. Next is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers who look content on selecting CB Morris Claiborne. The Vikings are now on the clock and still land their man in Matt Kalil while acquiring multiple picks in the process.

2. The less likely, but best possible scenario:

Assuming the Rams sit tight at no. 2 and select WR Justin Blackmon, the Vikings phone will then begin to ring off the hook. With the Redskins and Browns both in need of a franchise QB, the Redskins will attempt to jump ahead of the Browns, who hold the 4th overall pick. If the plan pans out, the Vikings will get the deal above in place with the Redskins and proceed to call the Browns, using the potential trade with the Redskins as leverage to get the Browns to give up more.

Assuming the Browns bite, the Vikings dream scenario plays out.

Minnesota Vikings receive:

2012 1st round pick (4th overall)

2012 1st round pick (22nd overall)

Cleveland Browns receive:

2012 1st round pick (3rd overall)

2012 3rd round pick (67th overall)

Now, with two first round picks, the Vikings could still take OT Matt Kalil at no. 4 and address either the CB or WR position at pick no. 22.

Or, the Vikings could channel their inner Patriot and trade the 22nd pick and stockpile more draft picks.

3. The unlikely scenario:

With all the talk that the Redskins and Browns are looking to trade up for RG3, the chances of nothing happening and the order of the top 6 picks to stay the same seems unlikely. However, crazier things have happened. If this scenario plays out, Andrew Luck and Justin Blackmon will likely go 1 and 2, respectively. This leaves the Vikings (stop me if you’ve heard this one before) with that pretty good left tackle from USC, you guessed it, Matt Kalil.

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