The New York Giants Are Super Bowl Champions


For the second straight year an NFC team that barely squeaked into the playoffs has gone on to win the Super Bowl. The game was a snooze until the fourth quarter when it became a classic. Things got bizarre when, rather than let the Giants milk clock and kick a winning FG, the Patriots elected to let Ahmad Bradshaw walk into the endzone for a go-ahead TD. The weird thing was, Bradshaw actually tried not to score the TD, but his momentum carried him into the endzone.

Had the Patriots’ strategy succeeded, allowing Tom Brady to mount a last-minute comeback, Bradshaw’s unintended TD would’ve gone down in history as one of sports’ greatest gaffes. But the play became merely a footnote when Brady’s last-second Hail Mary pass fell harmlessly to the turf. The Giants’ eventual game-winning drive was highlighted by an amazing Eli Manning-to-Mario Manningham sideline pass that can only be described as Cris Carter-esque. Just to throw in a Carter salute in the wake of his latest Hall of Fame snub.

This is where we say congratulations to the New York Giants on winning their 4th championship. And bid farewell at last to the season. Now, on to the draft. Maybe this time next year we’ll be talking about Christian Ponder leading the Vikings to their first-ever championship with Matt Kalil guarding his blind side. I wouldn’t put money on that, but hope springs eternal.

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